About Us

KomodoKidz was created with the idea that every young person deserves the right to discover their own potential. Whether its soccer, painting, dance or running a business- its all waiting to be discovered.

We understand that parents and carers play a vital role in the discovery process for their kids.

We also know that it can be such a frustrating task to find the right fit.

We know this because we’re parents too and have struggled with finding the right fit for our kids.

Difficult instructors, uninviting club cultures, and disinterested coaches can hamper this process and cause you and your young ones lots of anxiety.

When it comes to choosing a specialised activity or finding a great coach who understands the qualities and philosophies behind successful individuals, it usually takes time, effort and a whole lot of trial and error!

Our goal is to connect you with the right businesses and individuals in our community and help you find the right fit for your kids and teens in a quick and convenient way… and without the frustration and expense.

Finding the right specialised activities for kids and teens

Connecting you to specialised coaches and individuals to help you improve your skills, ability and self-esteem.